The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club is creating a broadcast archive of Elvis radio shows that have
been made over the years spotlighting the music , life and times, and talent of Elvis. Shows that
have been either documentary in content or just Elvis music, chat, news, and listener requests.
And we want your help.
We are all anoraks when it comes to saving, storing, or collecting Elvis on the radio. But where did
the term anorak come from? DJs on our pirate radio stations anchored in the North Sea would
refer to the radio fans coming to see the ships as “Anoraks”. They would all be wearing them as
protection from the sea-spray and the howling wind as their launches bobbed around the ocean
chugging towards our “at anchor” radio ships complete with majestic radio towers.
These Elvis radio moments in time will be installed into our website. The
stipulation is that they are broadcast programmes from AM, FM, Short Wave, of DAB stations from
anywhere in the world. We are not interested in internet only narrowcaster shows, or subscription
services like Sirius. Only free to air broadcasters.
We will have over 1,200 hours of Todd Slaughter’s shows on Radio Caroline, Caroline Flashback
and Wonderful Radio London, but we are looking for “Elvis: Ten Years After” originally broadcast
on Radio Trent by David Lloyd in 1987 with Todd which won a Sony Award, and any of the Saga,
Primetime or Smooth Radio shows with Ron Coles and Todd. There is also the three episode
“Talking Elvis” series also from Smooth if you have tapes of that one.
And any All-Elvis shows from UK National or local independent broadcasters and nationwide and
local BBC radio stations would be most welcome.
The Elvis shows from Quality Europe FM, our first ever DAB broadcaster are rarer that hen’s
teeth, plus we do not have any tapes of the Tom’s Elvis Three Caroline programmes from Tom
Lodge and Tommy Vance on Caroline South, nor do we have the Elvis Specials from Tony Prince
on Caroline North, or Radio Luxembourg. So can you help?
From our Dutch fans we would like to obtain copies of the Jan Storm Elvis interviews and any Elvis
specials that he hosted on Radio Veronica, and there are loads of Elvis shows from the Irish
Republic from their land-based pirate stations and legitimate local broadcasters but remember not
internet only narrowcast shows.
We would love to receive any European Elvis radio specials, or in fact any programmes from
anywhere around the world.
USA fans can help by sourcing any of the Darwin Lamm shows recorded off-air. Let us know if you
have these? Or the Wink Martindale nationwide radio shows produced after Elvis’ death. And does
anyone in Canada have the Red Robinson Elvis Specials?
Interviews too including pieces from Elvis’ family, friends, fans, musicians, actors and celebrities
would be most welcome. Only those transmitted by free-to-air broadcasters, not by internet only
stations as that would impinge on the legality of what we are doing
There will be lots of Elvis radio specials that we have never heard about, so help us please.
And let’s not forget you. If you have hosted or guested on any all-Elvis radio shows and you have
a copy, then we want to hear from you. Help us build up the world largest library of Elvis Radio
No matter where you live in the world, we want to hear from you. Initially just write to and list what radio shows you have in store in your collection
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