Lot C83; Catalogue p240

Colonel Parker's copy of the MGM contract, dated May 7, 1970, for the production of a movie consisting of photograpgy and sound recordings from Elvis' appearances at the International Hotel. Includes copies of agreements with Elvis Presley and with the International Hotel, a rider dated May 26, 1970 and a letter to James Aubrey of MGM from Colonel Parker dated September 24, 1970.

Elvis That's The Way It Is Album Cover

Original two-page agreement written on William Morris letter-head. Outlines the payment agreement between, Elvis, the Colonel and MGM. Original and copy are signed in blue ink by Elvis Presley. Documents are bound by a black folder. Elvis Presley's copy of the album, "On Stage February 1970". 11 x 8.5 inches Contract.11.5 x 9 inches Folder. 12.5 inches x 12.5 inches album.
Purchased at auction in 1999 for $3,500 against an estimate of $8,000-10,000.
Current Estimated Value: $20,000-25,000+

Elvis examining the That's The Way It Is contract with Hilton Hotels Manager Alex Shofey

Elvis Signature on Page 2:

Elvis' signature on TTWII contract

That's The Way It Is Contract - Page 1

That's The Way It Is Contract - Page 2