The Continuing Story Of Memory Records

Track Listing:

C.C. Rider (Las Vegas 05.02.1970 D/S)
In The Ghetto (Las Vegas 05.02.1970 D/S)
Long Tall Sally (Las Vegas 03.02.1970 D/S)
Kentucky Rain (Las Vegas 03.02.1970 D/S)
What Now My Love (Las Vegas 26.08.1973 M/S)
Let Me Be There (Las Vegas 26.01.1974 O/S)
Help Me (Las Vegas 26.01.1974 O/S)
Steamroller Blues (Las Vegas 10.2.1973 M/S)
A Big Hunk O' Love (Las Vegas 03.09.1972 M/S)
Turn Around, Look At Me/Tryin' To Get To You (Milwaukee 28.06.1974)
Big Boss Man You (Milwaukee 28.06.1974)
And I Love You So (Las Vegas 27.03.1975 M/S)
Fairytale (Las Vegas 27.03.1975 M/S)
If You Love Me (Lake Tahoe 30.04.1976 M/S)
Love Letters (Charleston 24.07.1976 E/S)
Hurt (Charleston 24.07.1976 E/S)
17. America The Beautiful (Portland 26.11.1976)
18. I've Lost You (Las Vegas 20.08.1970 D/S)
Memphis Tennessee/One Night (Las Vegas 20.08.1970 D/S)
Sweet Inspiration (Las Vegas 20.08.1970 M/S)
More/Bridge Over Troubled Water (Las Vegas 20.08.1970 M/S)
Sweet Caroline (Portland 11.11.1970)
Blueberry Hill/How Great Thou Art (Portland 11.11.1970)
Little Sister/Get Back (Portland 27.04.1973)
I'm Leavin' (Portland 27.04.1973)
T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (Las Vegas 18.08.1975 O/S)
It's Now Or Never (Las Vegas 03.12.1976 D/S)


Faded Love (Las Vegas 07.08.1973 M/S)
Pieces Of My Life (Asheville 24.07.1975)

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