A Legendary Performer Volume 7

Track Listing:

Peace In The Valley (Binaural Master)
Loving You (KX-7)
Ain't That Loving You Baby (Takes 7, 1)
Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (Takes 21, 22, 23)
There's Gold In The Mountains (Undubbed Master)
I'll Take Love (Master)
The Girl I Never Loved (Takes 8, 10, 11)
Speedway (Unedited Master)
Stay Away, Joe (Takes 3, 4, 8)
"Live A Little, Love A Little" Radio Ad
Long Black Limousine (Takes 3, 5, 6)
In The Ghetto (Takes 5, 6, 1)
Don't Cry Daddy (Jan 26, 1970 OS)
Elvis Talks (Rehearsal Aug 7, 1970)
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Rehearsal Aug 7, 1970)
Words (Rehearsal Aug 7, 1970)
I Just Can't Help Believin' (Rehearsal Aug 10, 1970)
Blue Suede Shoes (Las Vegas, Jan. 27 1971 DS)
Until It's Time For You To Go (Las Vegas, Jan 26, 1972 OS)
Separate Ways (Take 2) [March 30, 1972]
Jaycee Awards Speech
Funny How Time Slips Away (Richmond, April 10 1972)
I'll Remember You (Las Vegas, Feb 1973)
Hound Dog (Lake Tahoe, May 1974)
Big Boss Man (Dayton, Oct 6 1974 ES)
Heartbreak Hotel (Charlotte, March 20 1976 ES)
Reconsider Baby (Charlotte, Feb 21 1977)
If You Love Me (April 1977)
"This Is Elvis" Radio Ad

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