G.I. Blues 35th Anniversary Edition

Track Listing:

Shoppin' Around (BOX, Takes 2-5)
Big Boots (M10-X Takes 1,2, Medium Tempo)
Shoppin' Around (BOX Take 7)
Pocketful Of Rainbows (NOX Takes 1­3)
Frankfurt Special (HOX Takes 1­3)
Tonight's All Right For Love (R10 Takes 1+3­5)
Big Boots (M10-X Take 2, Fast Tempo)
Big Boots (MO Takes 2,3, Slow Tempo)
What's She Really Like (GO Takes 6,7,16,18-19)
Doin' The Best I Can (DO Take 9)
G.I. Blues (EO Takes 4,5)

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