G.I. Blues 35th Anniversary Edition Vol 2

Track Listing:

Shoppin' Around (AO Take 4, Instrumental)
Tonight Is So Right For Love (FO Take 3)
Shoppin' Around (BO Takes 6,7,9,10)
Pocketful Of Rainbows (NO Takes 15,16)
Tonight's All Right For Love (R10 Take 6)
What's She Really Like (GO Takes 9­11)
Frankfurt Special (HO Takes 3,4,7, Fast Tempo)
Big Boots (M10 Take 3, Fast Tempo)
Wooden Heart (QO Takes 2,3,1)
Frankfurt Special (HOX Takes 6,7,8, Medium Tempo)
Big Boots (M10 Take 5, Fast Version)
Doin' The Best I Can (DO Take 3)
What's She Really Like (GO Takes 12,13)
Shoppin' Around (BOX Takes 3,5)
Big Boots (MOX Takes 2,4,6, Slow Version)
Big Boots (M10 Takes 6,7, Fast Version)
Tonight's All Right For Love (R10 Takes 14­17)
Vienna Woods Rock &
Roll (RO Take 4, Instrumental)

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