• Elvis Handwritten Session Song List For "Pot Luck" +

    Lot B249b; Catalogue p187

    ...Another page, entitled "Pot Luck" and dated April 12, 1967, lists "Order of Appearance in Script",

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  • Elvis 1972 Las Vegas Hilton Autograph +

    This is a very good example obtained by a close friend during the British Fan Club's first trip to Las Read More
  • Elvis Handwritten Recording Session Song List For "Speedway" +

    Lot B249a; Catalogue p187

    Two page schedule of the recording session for "Speedway" at MGM studios June 20 and 21,

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  • Elvis Autograph Templates - Used for Merchandise +

    Lot C53; Catalogue p232

    Autograph Templates Again from the Las Vegas auction - these sample autographs were used to produce various items of

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  • Elvis Check Book, Stubs, And Checks For California Expenses +

    Lot B46; Catalogue p124

    Check Book

    Green check book showing 151 check stubs from October 14, 1961 to March 9, 1962. Some

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