Elvis Autographs

Check number 161, dated April 17, 1977, in the amount of $100.46, written to Aurelia Dupont, for "Services Rendered" and signed by Elvis Presley. 2 6/8 by 6 inches

Elvis Presley Check 1977

Notes written on a Las Vegas International Hotel gift bag, titled at top "Changes to show -/ Drop what I say/ January 28." Message to "Charlie" (presumably Charlie Hodge) at bottom and back of bag. Signed "E.P." on verso. 8 1/8 by 5 inches.
Elvis Presley Handwritten Changes to Set List

Elvis Presley handwritten letter to Gary Pepper written on International Hotel stationery and accompanied by the original transmittal envelope, postmarked August 4, 1969. The letter thanks Pepper, friend and fan club president, for the opening night telegram sent to Presley as he began his concert engagement at the International Hotel. Signed "Your friend, Elvis Presley." 4 by 7 1/4 inches

Sold at auction in June 2010 for USD $5,440 is Elvis' handwritten philosophy for a happy life, written on "From the home of...Elvis Presley" paper.  I like this one particularly since it's what "SANUK" means  to Elvis !



Sold at auction in June 2010 for USD $2,500 is this fine hand drawn design of Elvis' karate logo on Elvis Presley stationery.

Elvis Hand Drawn Karate Logo


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