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  • Elvis Handwritten Session Song List For "Pot Luck" +

    Lot B249b; Catalogue p187

    ...Another page, entitled "Pot Luck" and dated April 12, 1967, lists "Order of Appearance in Script",

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  • Elvis 1972 Las Vegas Hilton Autograph +

    This is a very good example obtained by a close friend during the British Fan Club's first trip to Las Read More
  • Elvis Handwritten Recording Session Song List For "Speedway" +

    Lot B249a; Catalogue p187

    Two page schedule of the recording session for "Speedway" at MGM studios June 20 and 21,

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  • Elvis Autograph Templates - Used for Merchandise +

    Lot C53; Catalogue p232

    Autograph Templates Again from the Las Vegas auction - these sample autographs were used to produce various items of

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  • Elvis Check Book, Stubs, And Checks For California Expenses +

    Lot B46; Catalogue p124

    Check Book

    Green check book showing 151 check stubs from October 14, 1961 to March 9, 1962. Some

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  • Peter Pan Elvis +


    Norman Taurog, veteran motion picture director who has just completed “Tickle Me,” starring Elvis Presley, says: “Being young today is an attitude; it’s like belonging to a secret society. Elvis is its symbol; he’s the leader. And now he’s got a whole new crop of teenagers running

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  • Filming Pineapples +


    Scenes from “Blue Hawaii,” Hal Wallis Production for Paramount on location in Hawaii, called for Elvis Presley to take co-star Nancy Walters and a group on a tour of the pineapple field, stop at a road-side stand so that they could all eat fresh pineapple.

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  • Double-sided Presley-Tops Both Sides! +



    In a sense this is already a hit, for the LP from which these tracks came, "G.I. Blues". has already sold over 100,000 copies. But demand for "Wooden Heart" has been so great that here it is available as a single, and, of course, it's a

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  • Elvis Donates To Boys Camp +



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  • A Real Tear-Jerker +



    ELVIS PRESLEY - I've Lost You (RCA)

    DESPITE the appeal of the song itself, "The Wonder Of You" was technically a poor record. Read More

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Coming up for auction in October 2010 is this note written on Elvis Presley note paper.



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Sold at auction in June 2010 for USD $2,500 is this fine hand drawn design of Elvis' karate logo on Elvis Presley stationery.

Elvis Hand Drawn Karate Logo


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WOW - Simply stunning recently discovered original Elvis signed Las Vegas Hilton Magazine from 1975

Elvis Presley signed Las Vegas Hilton Magazine 1975 cropped

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Notes written on a Las Vegas International Hotel gift bag, titled at top "Changes to show -/ Drop what I say/ January 28." Message to "Charlie" (presumably Charlie Hodge) at bottom and back of bag. Signed "E.P." on verso. 8 1/8 by 5 inches.
Elvis Presley Handwritten Changes to Set List

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